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On my own house, I’ve had some problems with upstairs doorways that leaked into a lower floor and, while I understand the dynamics of these problems better than most, I’m lazy and I’m cheap, so one of the things I did years ago was to install awnings over some of the most vulnerable areas. It’s simple. Had the original builder had the foresight to install large eaves projections, I wouldn’t have had the problems to begin with.

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Just a lot of ways to use dishes, versus the normal way you might expect. 3. Goblets/Mason jarsPut tea lights inside goblets for a vignette on a dining room table, Holiman said. Shipping container homes are inexpensive, transportable and stackable and able to survive most disasters but building codes can be bothersome depending upon where you live. The major effect of containerization was the elimination of the need to unload ships crate by individual crate, and the permanent decline of New York City’s ports. Containerization also gutted the waterfront workforce.

In addition to local initiatives, Congress approved a five year, $305 billiontransportation billin December that would allocate $12 billion to mass transit, an 18 percent increase over its duration. It’s the first comprehensive transportation bill since the last expired in 2009. There have been numerous short term extensions in the past six years.

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