ROCKFORD (WREX) On Friday night everyone from the casual to

ROCKFORD (WREX) On Friday night everyone from the casual to the die hard fans gathered to watch their band receive the highest honor a rock group can be bestowed, induction into the hall of fame.Anxious fans had to wait more than three hours for the Rockford band to be called on stage. But once they got up there and singer Robin Zander began speaking the wait was completely forgotten.”Who knew that I want you to want me would be so catchy from a band from Rockford Illinois. It’s a stupid phrase but it works I guess,” Zander says.Kid Rock may have said it best, when bands watch Cheap Trick play it forces them step up their game.On Friday, the crowd learned that first hand.Band members played perhaps three of their biggest hits: Surrender, Dream Police and I Want You to Want Me.Rockford fans say while they enjoyed the entire night the hometown heroes were the highlight.”Steve Miller was good, deep purple was okay, Chicago was so so but when Robin came out and said ‘I want you to want me’ the people just went insane,” says Brian Isoz who traveled from Rockford to see the band perform in New York City.Doing what every great band strives to do which is leaving the fans wanting more.HBO will be airing the show in its entirety on April 30th. You in a big market and you have multiple players, competition does well to lower your prices, Davidson said. Mary wants to provide as many services as possible to as many people. Sometimes that costs money. Neal gets out of cheap nfl jerseys his truck and points to a group of people standing on the porch of a home, talking to EMS and police officers. First responders already administered a dose of naloxone, the opioid blocker known for reviving people on the brink of death. It can get tense. Is always a pocket of people who want titanium cup us to be concerned with holding the line on spending, said Town Council Chairman Randall Bates. Were never signs out or anything like that, but there was certainly some debate. Added: think there are competing forces going on in Yarmouth. This young meteor soon overplayed his hand, and at the end of 1886, after only cheap football jerseys a few months in office, he threatened resignation over what he saw as excessive spending on the armed forces. Salisbury called his bluff and accepted. Lord Randolph who died early a few years later never held office again.. Meanwhile, evangelical Christian leaders Tony Perkins, Gary Bauer and James Dobson, intent on proving they have no power whatsoever, met on the Texas ranch of a millionaire supporter to endorse former Sen. Rick Santorum. The days when a leader like Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell could lead their flock are long over.

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