Parts Needed:Extension

Parts Needed:Extension Cord (New 7′ extension cord) $3.97SPST Pushbutton Switch (Guitar Pedal Switch, DigiKey 432 1212) $3.564x4x1.5″ electrical box $1.184″ square electrical box cover with 3/8 center blank $0.775/16″ flat washers (2) $0.323/8″ NM Electrical Box Cable Connector $0.38Total cost: $10.18 + tax if applicableTools Needed:Needlenose PliersPhillips ScrewdriverSoldering Equipment (Pencil, Solder)Shrink Wrap and/or Electrical TapeBox Cutter / Razor KnifeWire StrippersOptional: Duck TapeFor the most part, you should be able to actually spend less then I did to make this. I had to buy an extension cord but most people have one or two kicking around in a drawer somewhere many people will also have the washers, and possibly even the electrical box gathering dust in some corner. Almost any pushbutton switch can be used, I just happened to have this switch ordered from DigiKey for another project, and decided to use it.

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