Michelle Khong

Michelle Khong, presented a video showing the impact of GM crops on international farmers, including farmers in India, who, as a result of failed GM crops, and the inability to repay related debts, have committed suicide. The video implied that once farmers start planting GM crops they become dependant on the biotech corporations for seeds. The video also touched on the canola farmers in Saskatchewan who have been impacted by cross contamination, and their dependence on the biotech corporations..

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Public sector banks have relatively low exposure to the real estate sector compared with foreign and private banks, an HT analysis of RBI data on loan disbursement shows. At the end of October last year, public sector banks exposure to the sector stood at 17.9% while foreign and private banks had it higher at 26.4% and 25.2%, respectively. Among bad loans, individual housing loans show the lowest rate of default at less than 10%, according to RBI sources..

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