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Many performing artists continue to explore liveness and hybrid live/mediated artistic output; other rebel against electronic mediation; others do both.Humans construct themselves performances in entirely new ways, using new tools, as well as old ones social networking, internet presences, avatars, surgeries. In this context, questions of liveness, mediation and experimentalism transform quickly. How can performance intend to push, expand, explore, re imagine, awaken cultural dialogue now? What are the urgencies underpinning practices that try to experiment with form, content, working methods, and audience reception strategies across varied territories? What about performed art as research matters?Stanyek and Piekut use the term ‘rhizophonia’ to describe the sound world most of us now inhabit ” a world where we are constantly stringing together bits of sonic experience, emanating from the ‘live’ and the ‘recorded/mediated’ worlds, a world we navigate in new ways.

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Finding a babysitter takes some work, and of course costs a bit of money. Not having paid attention to the price sitters go for these days I was a little shocked to see the $10 15 an hour range listed for most of the babysitters I looked at. (Back when I was a babysitter I got paid $20 for watching three kids all day and I had to walk a mile to school each day in a foot of snow, uphill, both ways! ).

Farmington based Dakota Electric is scheduled to appear before the PUC on Thursday, Oct. 18, to propose a two year pilot program for electric vehicle rates that would charge a little less than 6 cents per kilowatt hour, almost half the regular residential rate. The time when everyone gets home from work and school and starts turning on lights, the TV and other appliances that drive up demand on the system.

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