It’s admirable that

It’s admirable that Asus has come up with a fresh concept for the stale and predictable tablet market even if the idea is pretty niche and may not appeal to many. Given some refinement shave off a few pounds, add sharper video resolution, and package it with some apps to take advantage of the extra screen real estate the idea of a jumbo tablet could be a good one. It’s just not there yet, but it’s good that someone’s thinking about it..

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The postponement was done against the wishes of councilman Mike McCauley, who crafted the ordinance and has been championing the necessity of the study for over a year a half.The study to be performed by Bennett Williams, Environmental Consultants Inc., of Westerville, Ohio would take a detailed look at the wholesale nba jerseys city wellhead protection area, what affects the city water supply and at cheap elite nfl jerseys what distance it can be affected.constituents were telling me they are worried about this am concerned about what comes down that river and how it gets into there, said McCauley, D 2nd ward.While a wellhead protection plan is currently in place and meets standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency, McCauley has previously expressed concern that the current study does not take into consideration the effect of the Muskingum River on the city aquifer.Two Marietta College Geology professors one current and one former also were in attendance Thursday night to speak in favor of the city approving the study.very concerned about the protection of our fresh water aquifer, said current Marietta College professor Wendy Bartlett.Bartlett cited decades long issues with C 8 in the nearby water supplies as proof positive that it is better to have all available knowledge regarding what is affecting a water supply.Retired professor Dr. Roger Kirkpatrick agreed, saying the condition of the Muskingum River is an important component of studying the wellhead protection area.can know enough about your water supply, said Kirkpatrick.Both the city administration and Marietta water superintendent, Jeff Kephart, have expressed disapproval over the study. Councilman Michael Mullen, I at large, said he had concerns going against the recommendations of the city foremost water the person with boots on the ground, said Mullen of Kephart.Councilman Roger Kalter, D 1st ward, added that there might be cheaper ways of studying water safety factors.

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